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Whether it’s a minor scratch or major damage resulting from a severe accident, our accident repair bodyshop is fully equipped to restore your car to its former glory!

We only use manufacturer approved parts that are fitted by fully trained technicians to manufacturing safety standards and finished in an approved paint system.

Small scratch repairs, large dent repairs, bumper repairs, smart repairs, alloy wheel repairs... we cover it all.

Murphy & Gunn wish you trouble-free motoring, but in the unfortunate event of an accident or just a minor dent or scratch, we can help!

Call our Bodyshop Manager Ciaran Mitten on 01 406 8600 or email 

Upload a photo of your damaged vehicle for a free & indicative estimate for repair.

"We will make a full technical evaluation for you, and if required, we can manage the insurance company arrangements through to repair.

We offer free estimates* and deal with all insurance companies for hassle-free direct billing."


Our 12 step repair process:

Step 1 – Vehicle Collection & Delivery

In an event where your vehicle is not road-worthy or not drivable, a tow truck will collect the car from your desired location. Once your vehicle arrives at our premises, we will go through the administration process with you and will assign your vehicle into our queueing list.


Step 2 – Temporary Vehicle Arrangement

A courtesy car can be arranged if your motor insurance policy provides you with a temporary vehicle. We will try to match the courtesy car as closely as possible to your vehicle, however, due to continually changing car availability we cannot guarantee a close match. We will provide you with a vehicle we have in stock at that time if you're happy with it.


Step 3 – Free Repair Estimates*

The extent of the damage will be inspected by our expert bodyshop team free of charge*. Damage assessment will be done with the help of a computer software system to have a more accurate and comprehensive estimate. Once estimate is available, a member of our team will go through the process of explaining the extent of the damage and walk you through all necessary repairs which must be carried out.

*Commercial users will be charged 30EUR for the repair estimate.


Step 4 – Insurance Repairs

We deal with all the insurance companies and will contact them to acquire their confirmation and commence repairs. If your repairs do not involve an insurance company, we will be able to start work immediately, assuming there is no waiting list.


Step 5 – Order Vehicle Parts

Once all the necessary conditions are approved, we will order vehicle parts needed for your vehicle repair. We use components provided by original manufacturers to assure your safety and rebuild vehicle to the intended manufacturers’ standards.


Step 6 –Dismantling

Damaged area will now be dismantled, and our qualified bodyshop technician will expose all broken parts. If any additional damage is discovered during the dismantling process, the insurance company and the customer will be notified. In this event, we will contact your insurance company and will inform them about the discovery.


Step 7 – Insurance Assessors

Once the full scope of the damage is identified, photo images will be sent to your motor insurance assessors to get approval for the estimate. On average it takes a day to get an approval, and once it is approved, the repair work will begin.


Step 8 – Commencing Repairs

Vehicles with misaligned chassis will be loaded on a car jig and realigned to the OEM’s specifications. Afterwards, it will go through quality control and visual inspection. If everything is in perfect condition, it will be signed off by a technician before proceeding to paint department.


Step 9 – Painting

All the necessary body parts will now be painted. Paint will be mixed to perfectly match the colour of your vehicle to ensure it looks seamless and indistinguishable from the rest of the vehicle.


Step 10 – Assembly

All the parts which were undamaged will now be reassembled. External parts will now be fitted and will replace damaged ones. Technicians will once again inspect if there are any further misalignments and will then continue to inspect the overall integrity of the vehicle through various tests set out by OEM's.


Step 11 – Final Checks & Quality Control

Once your vehicle is repaired, it goes through the extensive testing process where we assess the functionality, integrity, safety and overall vehicle health. When technicians are satisfied with the test results, they will further road-test your vehicle to ensure everything is in order and is ready to be driven by our customer.


Step 12 – Collection or Delivery

Your vehicle is now ready for collection. You will receive a notification or a call from our aftersales department to inform you about the status of your vehicle. Our aftersales team will walk you through all the details about repairs done on your car. If at this point you have any further questions, they will be answered by our customer care member. If you are unable to collect your vehicle on one particular day and you opted out from delivery, we will store it with us for up to 5 days free of charge and €10 a day thereafter*.
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