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The new Hyundai i30 is here - and it’s making waves in a big way


                      Discover the 192 Hyundai i30.       


The new Hyundai i30 is designed to take on the formidable, and considerably higher-priced, VW Golf - and it might just manage it. Here’s why.  

Why would I want one?


Brand-new styling - an altogether sleeker, more angular design - is complemented by a wealth of updated features on the inside, as lots of new tech makes for better infotainment and a safer driving experience. What was once merely a well-priced runaround suddenly resembles its premium-quality competitors much more closely.


Chief among the new developments are the updated anti-collision devices, a raft of technological marvel designed to keep you, the kids and your shopping safer than ever on the road. Higher-spec models will automatically detect hazards in the road ahead and slam on the brakes when necessary, keep you within your lane autonomously, warn you when you’re breaking the speed limit and detect hazards in the blind spots around you. These features can also be purchased as options on the entry-level versions. To put things in perspective: this is a mid-range Hyundai we’re talking about here. It wasn’t that long ago that Mercedes were showcasing their S-Class as the cleverest car in the world because it could do things like this.


Of course, the toys are very important too. Fortunately, they’re not in short supply; the Deluxe Plus model includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, with a full-colour 8” touch screen (5” on base models) and full smartphone compatibility to keep you connected on the move. Speaking of smartphones, there’s more good news on that front: the days of faffing around with tangled cables are over. That’s because there’s even a wireless charging pad, so you can simply throw your phone down and hit the road. The new infotainment package also comes with a free, seven-year subscription to LIVE services, TomTom’s sat nav information package giving you instant weather and traffic updates, speed camera warnings and points of interest nearby. That’s pretty cool.


What’s it like to drive the Hyundai i30?


It comes with a varied range of engine specifications catering to every taste, depending on whether you favour fuel efficiency or a little more power. It’ll feel most at home eating up the motorway miles, thanks to better insulation reducing noise in the cabin at higher speeds, but the 1.4L petrol engine, developing 100 bhp, delivers more than enough oomph for an early morning B-road blast. There’s also the choice for a 1.0L petrol engine (118 bhp) and a number of diesel options too.  

Will it be cheap to maintain?


The i30 retains the unflappable reliability we’ve come to expect from Hyundai. During development, it was subjected to a series of brutal tests in the arid, dusty lands of Australia, so it’s sure to handle anything the Irish roads can throw at it for many years to come.

It’s economical too; if you opt for the 1.0 litre Petrol Deluxe Plus version, Hyundai’s own figures suggest 100km of combined economy driving will use up a mere 4.7 litres of fuel - although of course, in reality, that figure is likely to be a little higher.

How much does it cost?


The big question. The answer: not quite as much as it should do. The 1.6 Hyundai i30 Diesel Classic begins at €23,520 (Finance available). That rises to €28,770 for the Hyundai i30 Fastback Diesel edition.



So should I buy one?


The i30 is by far Hyundai’s best effort to crack an extremely tough market. It offers everything you want from a car of its size, and running costs aren’t going to break the bank. The neighbours will probably ask you how much you paid for it - and the next time you see them, they might just have one too.

Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™*

Together, the 8” touch-screen and full connectivity in the all-new i30 provide you with the safest way to access your iPhone or Android smartphone while you’re on the move. There’s even a centrally located wireless charging pad for easy, cable-free, smartphone charging.


Cascading Grille

The form and detail of the newly developed Hyundai grille is inspired by the flowing descent of molten steel. It creates a powerful impression of both strength and movement.


Comprehensive safety

Few cars have ever offered occupants so much peace of mind. In addition to seven air bags, there’s an impressive line-up of advanced safety technologies that compensate for lapses in driver concentration.  


8” touch-screen*

The new navigation platform includes a seven-year free subscription to LIVE Services. It displays information covering weather, traffic, speed cameras and points of interest on the 8” touch-screen that stands proud of the dashboard, perfectly positioned for both driver and passengers.


Advanced LED lighting

Sleek new headlamps use multiple LED projectors to provide both high and low beam. LED lamps are both brighter and more energy-efficient than conventional lamps. Each of the vertically aligned LED Daytime Running Lights also functions as a turn indicator.

Dynamism in detail

The rear of the New Generation i30 uses a sculpted, 3-dimensional surface to establish well-proportioned muscularity. As well as enhancing aerodynamic performance, the eye-catching glossy black rear spoiler brings an extra dynamic accent.


 Finance available.



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